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Why study Artificial Intelligence?

Collège Unica (anciennement Musitechnic Formation)

With the emergence of Industry 4.0, we envision technological revolutions that will have a profound impact on all societies on the planet. Such impacts will be felt in all areas of knowledge and creation, as well as in all human endeavors. For example, an AI application used thousands of pieces of music reflecting the themes of sports, Japanese culture, daily life, and nature to compose hundreds of options before the final version of the theme song for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games was chosen by Japan.


the A.C.S. inapplied artificial intelligence : machine learning and data analysis is designed to support students in acquiring key skills to design, build, analyze and optimize advanced systems using machine learning models and artificial intelligence algorithms for different types of applications and problems.

By acquiring such a certification, students will be able to perform brilliantly as AI professionals and properly address the challenges posed by Industry 4.0.

The study program A.C.S. Applied Artificial Intelligence: Machine Learning and Data Analysis aims to train computer technicians who practice their profession in the fields of artificial intelligence and data science application development in the context of Industry 4.0.

Discover a world full of opportunities

Just like the discovery of new territories, the invention of the printing press by Gutenberg, or the invention of electricity, Internet 4.0 represents a new world full of opportunities for entrepreneurs, technicians and creators alike.


Design of artificial intelligence solutions for data exploitation

From information and data analysis to algorithm development in the appropriate programming language including debugging and visual representation of results.

Develop artificial intelligence and machine learning applications

For different target platforms and with the help of various resources, you will learn how to prepare the computer development environment, program the application logic, perform quality control and document the created application.

Use of programming languages

From the problem analysis to the solution implementation, including the use of basic algorithms, a debug and a functional test plan.

Object-oriented programming

From problem and/or requirement analysis to final implementation and documentation creation.

Use of diversified data sources

You will learn how to manage databases of different types, aggregate project-relevant data, prepare and transform them according to requirements and legislation, including for learning and testing artificial intelligence applications.

Automation of data processing tasks

From preparation to documentation to final automation, for different operating systems and contexts of use.

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A.C.S. Program

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