Official announcement - 2023.06.15

Musitechnic Formation becomes Unica College

Unica College reflects the school’s expanded mission to offer high-level training programs.

Montreal, June 15, 2023 - Leading Montreal-based audio engineering training institution, Musitechnic Formation, is delighted to unveil its new name, Unica College, with a vision to refine and expand training programs that respond to the needs of the labour market.  

Unica College is founded on the same pioneering vision that has kept Musitechnic Formation at the forefront of the industry for over 35 years. The school is committed to diversifying its programs intelligently, in relevance not only to current industry needs, but also in areas bringing a sense of fulfillment to the professionals in those fields.  

The flagship program, A.C.S. in Recording and Sound Design, remains the international reference in the field, offering students expertise and alumni countless professional opportunities.  

With alumni of Unica College currently working for some of the most notable production-related companies in the world, including Netflix, Disney, Ubisoft, Warner Bros Games, Stingray, Radio Canada and many others, the prospects are endless.  

In addition to the flagship program, the school is currently developing workshops about immersive audio engineering and music production, including Dolby Atmos (the new industry standard), among other things.  

Unica College is pleased to continue to offer diversified professional opportunities to its  students and alumni, through new partnerships with various institutions and  manufacturers, internships, job opportunities, masterclasses,  and other extracurricular events. 


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